Lunch Skate | A skateboard company

We replaced this wood with a sticker.

What is a Lunch Skate?

Lunch Skate is about skipping a lunch break and skating. It's about stepping on a board with wheels for the first time in years and feeling stoked. It's about having fun skateboarding or longboarding or whatever you want to call it (we call it fun). It's about skipping work, class, chores, and other boring stuff and just skating a quick session. It's about having fun with your friends and shredding the gnar, the concrete wave, or the paved wave and getting pitted.

It's about cruising, carving, grinding, Rolling, turning, pumping, sliding, gliding, skogging, speedboarding, garage bombing, bowl riding, foot breaking holes in your shoes, freeriding, cone crushing, dancing, cross stepping, tech sliding, long distance skating, short distance skating, vert, downhill, commuting, flat spotting, coning and most of all what brings a smile to your face.

Lunch Skate is for those who once street skated before when they were younger or earlier in their life and wanted to rediscover the fun in skateboarding. It is for those who like to commute and have fun doing so. It is for those who find that riding a skateboard or longboard to class is much faster than walking. It is for those who find it fun going down hills trying to reach a higher top speed. It is for those who like to cruise and chill with friends. It is for those who appreciate smooth pavement and steep inclines. Most importantly Lunch Skate is for those who enjoy riding a plank of wood and 4 wheels. 

Let's have a lunch skate session!

Deanry Dupit