FAQs and other information

Shipping & Delivery
We ship our boards with the US Postal Service. We send the most economical rate with the USPS, parcel, first class, or flat rate priority. We charge a flat rate of $7.95 for all orders over $10 and offer free shipping over $40. We also offer free delivery for Miami locals to Wednesday Skate Night in South Beach. 
We only ship to the US and Puerto Rico. No international shipping at this time, sorry. 
Returns & Replacements
We will replace or refund your order due to delamination, cracks, or allergies to grounded unicorns (it's the magic in the glue between plys ;) ) with in 30 days of your purchase.
I want  a blank/custom/complete board
We offer custom fabric applications. Just email us before you order to see what fabrics we have available. You can ask for any deck blank as well if you want to put your own artistic creation on there. You can get your board assembled as a complete as well. If we don't have them set up on the store as a complete email us and we will see what we can do to hook you up.
Payment & Promotions
Currently, we only accept PayPal, Google Checkout, and cold hard cash in person. Sign up for our newsletter (look at the bottom of the page and enter your email in the box) or become a fan on Facebook www.facebook.com/LunchSkate to find out about the latest deals and secret promotions. 
Why Lunch Skate?
Lunch Skate started as an idea during lunch session between two co-workers (web designer and graphic artist) who have decided to spend their lunch break time with their passion to skate instead of waiting after work or the weekends. They just so happen to find a decent skate spot near work with a nice hill and a mini bowl in one end of the parking lot. 
Is that real carbon fiber or just a sticker?
We use carbon fiber vinyl on our products. Until operations are able to grow, we are unable to provide composite skateboards made of real carbon fiber, kevlar, or fiberglass.